Le guide interactif, en 13 étapes, du succès de votre stratégie social média

1 – Social media 101

Getting started with social media strategy
You’re the social media marketing team

2 – Choosing platforms

Which social media sites should I target

3 – Setting up accounts

Page Facebook

4 – Goals & objectives

Social media planning
25 Smart social media objectives

5 – Setting targets

What does social media success look like?
Calculate how much should you pay for a Facebook Like

6 – Social media policy

How to write a social media policy
How to develop a policy
Online database policies

7 – Social strategies

How to never run out of social media content
6 effective strategies

8 – Content strategies

The content marketer’s guide to web content
Using Google docs to generate hot content strategies
Content curation in 13 minutes a day

9 – Monitoring et analytics

Small business guide to metrics and tools
4 keys : conversation, amplification, applause, economic Value

10 – Building a team

How to build a team
Everyone should hire ‘social media experts’

11 – Processes

Process: a pragmatic approach
14 best practices for long-term social media success
Secret for standout success

12 – Social media mishaps

Managing online reputation when disaster strikes
Twitter won’t make you suck less
Customer relations fiascos

13 – Perfecting campaigns

9 companies doing social media right and why
Best time of day/week social media marketing


Guide du succes de votre strategie social media