5 articles à lire sur le social media marketing

Je vous ai sélectionné 5 articles de ma revue de presse de la semaine dernière, tous en anglais, pour en apprendre toujours plus sur le social média, son ROI, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

9 Social Media Marketing Tips From the Pros

  • #1: Draw Attention to Your Custom Tabs in the New Facebook Timelines
  • #2: Add the LinkedIn Company Follow Button to Your Site
  • #3: Use Bufferapp to Manage Your Social Media Marketing
  • #4: Get YouTube Subscribers Just by Asking
  • #5: Create a Facebook Plan You Can Stick With
  • #6: Be Consistent
  • #7: Prepare Now for Tough ROI Questions
  • #8: Focus on Dollars (euros for European)
  • #9: Fix the Appearance of Your Links on Facebook

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7 Steps to Gain More Fans and Followers Organically

  • #1: Announce
  • #2: Add social media icons
  • #3: Alert
  • #4: Assess
  • #5: Analyze
  • #6: Ask
  • #7 : Appreciate

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10 ways to make your website more social

  • #1: Determine your social objectives
  • #2: Choose your social networks wisely
  • #3: Create sharable content
  • #4: Remove the hassle of sharing
  • #5: Use social calls to action
  • #6: Keep your theme and aesthetic similar across digital presences
  • #7: Remain Flexible
  • #8: Incentivize sharing
  • #9: Start and continue a conversation on your site
  • #10: Be social by design

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The Copyright Question: How to Protect Yourself on Pinterest

  • No, Pinterest Doesn’t Own What You Post
  • Yes, Pinterest Has Broad Rights to What you Post
  • No, You Can’t Just Post Other People’s Stuff
  • Yes, You Can Deal with the Risks

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Everything You Need to Measure Twitter Marketing ROI

  • Use an Analytics Tool
  • Set Up Tracking Tokens for Different Sources
  • Use the Right Metrics
  • Further Qualify Leads
  • Check Other Engagement Metrics
  • Be Smart About Twitter Measurement

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